KENT Pearl Star

৳ 30,500.00

  • Digital Display
  • Multi-stage purification
  • Ro Technology
  • In-Tank Ultraviolet (UV) Protection
  • TDS Control
  • Large Storage Capacity (11 Liter)
  • Water Saving Technology
  • Electricity Saving Technology


KENT Pearl Star

KENT Pearl Star is an RO water purifier with advanced in-tank UV protection system. This purifier has advanced water purifying technologies that are ideal to remove all harmful elements from the water.

Digital Display

The KENT Pearl Star water purifier contains an advanced digital display that allows users to check out the conditions of the water. This digital display also allows the users to know about the life of the filter, RO action/flow rate, and the condition of purified water.

Multistage purification

This Kent Pearl Star water purifier has advanced purification technology that comes with multiple stage water rectification mode of Reverse osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet protection (UV), Ultrafiltration (UF), TDS control, Ultraviolet in-tank protection, etc. These multiple water rectifications make the water 100% pure and drinkable that is safe for the human body.

In-Tank UV Protection

This Kent water filter come with advanced RO technology that has in-tank ultraviolet (UV) protection that ensures the purity and safety of the water and is good for human health.

High Storage Capacity

The water filter has the capability of storing about 12 liter of water that is well enough to supply you pure and safe water for a long time, even in the load-shedding problem.

High efficiency and High water-saving technology

This Kent water filter in BD doesn’t waste as much water as other RO purifiers do. Most of the RO water filters waste or reject high-percentage of water but water purifier has advanced computer-controlled water-saving technology that recovers most of the water as filtered.

RO Kent Pearl Star Water purifier

KENT  Mineral RO TM Technology retains essential natural minerals in purified water using the Post Carbon, UV, TDS Controller, thereby providing 100% safe drinking water.

World Top Quality Certifications

This water purifier is tried and ensured for its exhibition and quality by widely acclaimed’s labs. Like the WQA ( USA and India ) and NSF ( USA ). These accomplishments ensure that KENT gives the most refined water as well as trusted by millions

Features of this water purifier

Model Name                                      KENT Pearl Star

Model Number                                    11075

Purification Production Rate               20L/hr

Product Dimensions                           410 (L) X 260 (W) X 520 (H)

Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min)       0.3 kg / cm 2 / 10°C

Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max)      4 kg / cm 2 / 40°C

UV Lamp Wattage                              11W

UV LED Wattage                                0.7 W

Life of UV Lamp                                 5,000 hrs. of operation

Input Power Supply Single Phase      100-250 V AC, 50 Hz

Total Power Consumption                  60W


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